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The Foundation and Vision of Doxa Contracting Company

Published | Oct 31, 2023

DOXA Glory in Craftsmanship: The Foundation and Vision of Doxa Contracting Company

Doxa is the word translated “glory” in the Greek New Testament of the Bible. I created Doxa Contracting Company first and foremost to bring glory to God my Father and Jesus Christ my King. Secondly, I decided that in order to create a business with family in mind, I ought to think about what it is I am trying to leave my children as a legacy.

This company is a Residential building company currently located in Western Pennsylvania, about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh in the borough of Grove City. Our vision is to build a multi-generation family business that provides high quality building, remodeling, and consulting services to our local community. Our aim is excellence, not perfection, as perfection is unattainable in this life.

Thank you for joining our family on this journey, we pray that we may serve you and your family in a way that brings glory to our Creator.

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