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Crafting Spaces that Tell YOUR Story

Imagine a home that reflects your journey, where every detail tells a story. In Danville and the surrounding areas, our remodeling design process focuses on bringing your unique narrative to life through thoughtful customization. 

Here’s What’s Included

Mood Board Options

Floor Plan & Layouts

Remodeling Consulting

Space Planning


Kitchen Remodel in Lewisburg PA
Custom Bathroom Remodel Danville

Custom Tailored Design for Your Home

 From selecting custom materials to designing each room to suit your daily life, the benefits extend beyond aesthetics to enhance how you experience home every day. Feel confident knowing you have professional designers by your side.


We Provide A Cohesive 2D Mood Board That Contains


Remodeling + Design Tips + Articles

Find Inspiration and Ideas for Your Remodel in Danville

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How Much will a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Lewisburg PA?

A kitchen remodel in Lewisburg PA will cost anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000.

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

What will it cost to remodel your entire kitchen? Let Doxa Contracting Company help sort it out for you.

How to Waterproof Your Bathroom Remodel

  How to Waterproof and Maintain a Bathroom Remodel   Undertaking a bathroom remodel is an exciting endeavor that can transform your space into a stylish and functional oasis. However, ensuring that your newly remodeled bathroom remains waterproof and...

How to Choose a General Contractor for your Next Home Remodel or Build

What to look for in a general contractor in Danville PA. Why hire a GC for your remodel project?

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Danville PA?

How much does a full bathroom remodel cost in Danville PA Lewisburg PA Bloomsburg PA?

4 Tips for Planning your First Bathroom Remodel

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The Foundation and Vision of Doxa Contracting Company

DOXA Glory in Craftsmanship: The Foundation and Vision of Doxa Contracting Company Doxa is the word translated "glory" in the Greek New Testament of the Bible. I created Doxa Contracting Company first and foremost to bring glory to God my Father and Jesus Christ my...

What Sets DOXA Apart from Design to Build

Transforming Rooms into Exceptional Spaces with Detail + Collaboration

High Quality Craftsmanship + Professionalism

DOXA Contracting Company consistently delivers high-quality results, ensuring every project is executed with meticulous attention to detail and professionalism. Their dedication to excellence is apparent in their ability to meet and exceed homeowner expectations.

Excellent Communication

We excel in maintaining open lines of communication, responding promptly to calls, texts, and emails. This responsive communication style helps in building trust and ensuring the project aligns with client expectations throughout its duration.

Collaborative + Problem-Solving Approach

DOXA Contracting Company is highly praised for its ability to collaborate effectively with homeowners and other contractors. This collaborative approach not only facilitates smoother project execution but also enhances the overall project outcome by integrating various expert perspectives.

A Process Designed For You

Get started on your project by completing the Calendar Contact Form. We will schedule a phone consultation to unpack your dream project and see if we can help you make it a reality. We will give you an estimated price range for your project based on the info your pvoide to us during the initial phone consult.

If you are ready to put a deposit down to start the design phase of the project, we will come out and do our 2 hour in person initial consultation where we discuss details about design, fixtures, finishes, and layout. At this point we consult with our interior designers and put together a full project plan, timeline, and finalized price for the entire remodel project. 

View our complete process for a closer look at how we transform visions into realities, from our initial phone call to ongoing support and follow-up.

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Remodel Client Reviews

Please take a moment to read our client testimonials and feel confident in designing your remodel.

From the initial consultation to the finishing touches on our kitchen remodel, Jeff was very professional and knowledgeable. We knew right away that he was the general contractor we wanted to use for our kitchen remodel in Bloomsburg, PA. My wife and I purchased my wife’s grandparents house and we wanted to make sure we chose a contractor that we could trust with such an important project for us – Jeff did not disappoint.

Jeff’s communication was top notch and he was able to finish the project within the agreed upon time and budget.

His attention to detail really made our kitchen shine and I recommend Jeff and Doxa to anyone looking for quality remodeling services.

Kevin Dargan

Bloomsburg Kitchen Remodel Client 2024

My wife and I recently decided to finish our basement and sought out bids from several local contractors. We challenged them with the goal of framing and drywalling our superior walls and installing doors. After much deliberation, we decided on Jeffrey Stirland of DOXA Contracting of Danville. This decision was based on his ability to work in collaboration with us and the other plumbing, HVAC, flooring, electrical and painting contractors we engaged. Other contributing factors were Jeffrey’s professionalism, attention to detail and collaborative communication style. We highly recommend this skilled professional and wish he and his company much continued success. We are extremely pleased and satisfied with the outcome.

Jeff’s communication was top notch and he was able to finish the project within the agreed upon time and budget.

David Simon

Bloomsburg Basement Remodel Client 2023

Frequently Asked Questions for Bathroom Remodeling in Danville PA

How long do remodeling design services in Danville take?

The timeline for a remodeling design project can range from 2-3 weeks for standard updates to 4-8 weeks for more complex layout reconfigurations. These timelines can vary based on the extent of collaboration required with architects and other professionals.

What are the current remodeling trends in Danville?

Current remodeling trends in the Danville area lean towards light and open spaces that incorporate earthy and natural elements. Neutral colors like blues, greens, beiges, and whites are popular, creating serene and inviting environments.


What does Design Consulting include?

Our remodeling design services in Temecula cover everything from initial concept development to the final design execution. Remodeling design can include:

  • Working One-On-One With A Designer
  • Material Selection
  • 3D Renderings
  • Collaboration With Architects For Layout Reconfigurations
  • Comprehensive Design Presentations With Mood Boards
  • Cost Estimating

What software do you use for 3D Renderings?

Our designers use both 2020 and Sketchup to make the most use of various features for 3D renderings for remodeling projects.

Transform your Space to Fit Your Vision + Lifestyle

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